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“With artful complexity, “Gidion’s Knot” poses two adversaries worthy of our compassion…As a novice teacher, coping with crisis on the job and at home, Heather’s panic and reticence are written all over her pale, pinched face…“Gidion’s Knot” makes for genuinely provocative theater.” ~ Seattle Times | Gideon’s Knot

The young, handsome cast is well-matched and well-dressed; Rebecca Olson as Katharine is downright stunning.” ~ Seattle PI | Love’s Labour’s Lost

The tall, animated Olson seems 110 percent comfortable in the skin of Heidi, an ambitious, ethical, but manipulative woman who uses her charms to advance her career as a TV-show host. Olson embodies Heidi as the sister from hell—gorgeous, privileged, and unwittingly condescending, magnetically drawing all eyes to her.  ~ Seattle Weekly | Ballard House Duet

“Have I seen a better acted show this year than Ballard House Duet ? I don’t think so. This is too good-enough Seattle theatre as HBO or Showtime productions are to network TV. Rebecca Olson and Hana Lass are incandescent, girlish, scheming, despondent, vengeful, charming, giddy, and careworn.” ~ The Sun Break | Ballard House Duet

Olson offers up some gorgeously real and fun moments as the cousin along for the ride.” ~ Broadway World Reviews | As You Like It

“Olson is a dynamo—she perfectly embodies the anxiety-as-energy of the single woman in Manhattan. From their opening scene together to their final moment onstage, Olson and Brown delineate in fine psychological detail the warp and woof of falling in love—the uncertainty and shyness, the excitement and flirtation, the frustration and blighted expectation, the whole delicious, painful waltz. Their dynamic is a joy to behold.” ~ Seattle Weekly | Stop Kiss 

“This scene is the most successful of all three. Olson is hysterical and her nuts-osity is as contemporary today as it was then.” ~ | Last of the Red Hot Lovers